The role of Critical Care Networks:

Critical Care Networks

Critical Care Networks, as an ODN will respond to need through national, regional ad local determinantion, depending on identified challenge, for example a local critical care bed crisis or a large scale mass incident.

In the emerging landscape of the NHS, Critical Care Networks have been identified as one of the Operational Delivery Networks (ODN's).


ODN's will focus on coordinating patient pathways between providers over a wide area to ensure access to specialisrt resource and expertise.


There are currently 28 Critical Care Networks across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who will provide this function.

About Critical Care Networks

Critical Care Networks will:


  • Ensure effective clinical flows through the provider system through clinical collaboration for networked provision of services


  • Take a whole system, collaborative provision approach to ensure the delivery of safe and effective services across the patient pathway, adding value for all it's stakeholders


  • Improve cross organsiational, multi-professional clinical engagement to improve pathways of care


  • Enable the development of consistent provider guidance and improved service standards, ensuring a consistent patient and family experience


  • Focus on quality and effectiveness through the facilitation of comparative benchmarking and auditig of services, with implementation of required improvements


  • Fulfill a key role in assuring providers and commissioners of alll aspects of quality as well as coordinating provider resources to secure the best outcomes for patients across wide geographical regions


  • Support capacity planning and activity monitoring with collaborative forecasting of demand, and matching of demand and supply



Further information about the role of ODN's can be found in  NHS Commissioning Board Paper "Developing Operational Delivery Networks - The Way Forward" 2012 click here


ODN Presetation by Denise McLellan


NHS Commissioning Borad Service Specification Adult Critical Care