National Competency Framework for Adult Critical Care Nurses

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Below you will find the documents which make up the National Competency Framework for Adult Critical Care Nurses.


The framework comprises of three steps which help you build your skill, knowledge and confidence on your journey to becoming a competent critical care nurse and has been developed to use alongside academic programmes of study.

Step 1 Competencies have been desiged to provide you with the core skills required to care for a critically ill patient safely, whilst under supervision. It is expected that Step 1 competencies will be completed prior to commencing an academic critical care programme.

Step 2 Competencies have been desiged to further develop your essetial critical care skills and will require enhaced theoretical knowledge to underpin your practice. It is enticipated that Step 2 competencies will be undertaken whilst undertaking an academic critical care programme.

Step 3 Competencies 

have been designed to further develop the expert core skills required to safely and professionally care for the critically ill patient without any direction.

Step 3 competencies will also be used to underpin academic critical care programmes of study.

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Should you have any questions relating to the framework please contact CC3N via the contact page.

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Below is a link to a presentation decribing how to use the competency documents and whats new in version 2.



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This guide has been developed for mentors working in clinical practice who are mentoring staff using the National Competency Framework Step documents.


It is designed to describe the important role mentors play in supporting staff to complete this process and provide some background and context to the use of the documents.


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