CC3N have for a number of years been driving work to underpin critical care nurse education. It recognised that to be able to deliver high quality care to patients, staff need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that allow them to perform at the highest level and this should be standardised across all critical care units.

Education & Training:

In 2011 the National Standards for Critical Care Nurse Education were published by CC3N, and describes the framework required to support post registration courses delivered through educational providers. This document was updated and published in September 2016.

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DSCF3160 Sam Quality assurance Quality assurance-xlsx

Quality Assurance Standards

& Audit Tool


Standards 2

September 2016

Revised National Standards for Adult Critical Care Nurse Education >>>

Major Tauma Competencies


We are pleased to announce the publication of the Adult Critical Care Major Trauma competencies which are the product of working collaboratively with colleagues from the National Major Trauma Nursing Group (NMTNG) and CC3N supported by the National Major Trauma and Burns CRG.

It is envisaged the competencies will be completed to suit the individual unit’s requirements and have been designed to complement the National Competency Framework.

This is the culmination of over 12 months of work by the adult critical care sub-group. We would like to thank all those involved with the development for their hard work and commitment in producing these competencies. To access the document click here