National Workforce Survey

What does WTE refer to?

Head count is the total number of staff regardless of hours worked. So for example if 2 people job shared a full time post it would be 1 WTE but 2 headcount.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no drop down for Data Clerk on the ICNARC box and you cannot record other. Yet there is a question about data clerk as support

Please make a note in the accompanying email

Is the national group analysing network level data and circulating that to the Network by mid-December?

Yes that’s the intention but it is dependent upon prompt returns –you do have the ability to combine your own network data on the password protected summary sheet provided if you do not wish to wait.

For Clarification:

I have received a query about the intention to provide each network with their own summary data; hence I would just like to clarify what is meant by the sentence contained in the letter to yourselves regarding participation in the workforce survey;

“We are aiming to have your combined network-level data returned to you by mid-December”.

This will purely be a summary of your submitted network data to allow you to use locally, it will not be a ‘report’ as such. Once we have all the returns collated, the working group will be analysing the national data and a national report will be produced in the following weeks. Once this is available you will then be able to compare yourselves against national figures. I hope that clarifies the point, as we simply do not have the resources to create ‘reports’ for all networks.

Please could you explain what data you require for the  L2 and L3 mix box. We flex our beds to accommodate either / or in all our bed spaces.

The easiest way to do this is to covert all beds to a level 3

e.g. 4 level 2 beds = 2 level 3 beds

When reffering to  EU / NON EU status, do we remove staff with British Citizenship who are from outside the UK?

All staff who are from EU / NON EU countries outside the UK should be included regardless of having British citizenship.

* Required

If you have a query please submit it via the contact form

What is the annual % of staff turnover?

This is usually worked out by dividing the number of staff left by Establishment – e.g. if you had 10 nurses leave over 12 months and you had an establishment of 100 then your turnover would be 10%. (HR may be able to assist to provide this info

What % uplift do you get to your staffing budget?

This is built into budgets on top of what you would need to fund your nursing establishment to account for annual leave, sickness & study leave. It is usually around 18% to 21% as Trusts have cut back on study time & often put a national sickness target in rather than what it may run at e.g. 2.5% national target compared to your units average sickness which may be 5% which has reduced the amount built in.

When asked re % of staff (Band 5-8) are aged over 50, my answer is 0.8 WTE, but it say you need to insert a whole number.  Do I put this as 0 or 1.0?

This would need to be rounded up or down to the nearest 1.0 so in this case 1.0

We have recently had a restructure to the practice education team.  We do have a PEF who covers our Unit, but this no longer comes out of our funded establishment.  So, do we put this as '0' or 1.0?

If this is a resource available to your unit then I would include it & put the time available to you

In your circumstances, I would submit the nursing staff as one establishment since that is how they operate and list that you have the two units & bed numbers associated with each.

When you return the survey, it would be worth putting a little foot note in your email to mention what you have done as a reference that we can refer back to.

We have a 4 bedded ICU and a 4 bedded HDU which are run separately. However the nursing staff rotate and work very much together. My budget is for both units so everything is worked together.

I’m not sure how to fill in the survey.

Do you want me to put all the nursing establishment on one form, and the unit demographics on 2 ( one for ICU and one for HDU)?